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Home Networking


Live in a large house? Having problems getting a quality wifi signal?

Do not put up with poor WiFi. Increase coverage with our range of wifi boosters for indoors and outdoors. Improve not just PC and laptop connections but also smart devices.
Improve connectivity for your smartphones, tablets, computers and smart devices.

Wired Networks
We can also install or expand physical network solutions (using ethernet) to extend and increase the number of devices connected to your router.

Please note, the incoming speed of your router is down to your provider.
But we can make improvements to the coverage in your home, getting optimum speeds for laptops, PCs, printers*, Smart TVs* and Home Cinema* systems.

Call us on the Freephone 0800 4488676 nowfor better bedroom (not to mention kitchen, study and patio) internet..

* Oly those devices with ethernet ports.